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24/7 Ergonomics Control Consoles
Heavy-duty Consoles That You Can Count On
About Us
KESINO begain in 2009 in Beijing, with decades of experience and the latest in leading-edge design, audio-visual, technical furniture and ergonomic technology, Kesino is your best choice for your command center & control rooms.  All console products is widely used in radio television, air traffic control, powder dispatching, government agenices, traffic control scheduling, energy & chemical industry, public safety, etc
  • Metal Plant Bending
  • Loser Cutting
  • CNC Machining
  • Automatic AMADA Bending Maching
  • Automatic Welding Robot Line
  • Sheet Metal Spraying Workshop
  • Step 1 Project Consulation
    Your Needs Analysis & Demands Review
  • Step 2 Design
    Finalize Design & Pre-project Planning
  • Step 3 Production
    Facctory Staging & Quality Control
  • Step 4 Delivery
    Logistics & International Delivery
  • Step 5 Training
    Installation & Integration
  • Step 6 After Service
    Kesino Whole Term Onging Support
    Are We The Right "Fit" For You?
    Why should you choose to work with us is not because of how good we are boasting or how cheap our product seems to be. It is because our offer bridges Your needs and our solution addresses your pain; It is because our product can achieve your desired result and performance; It is because our market positioning matches yours and our commitment resonates with you;
    It is because our competence to work out a proposal that springs a " before VS after" clear Your worries;
    It is because our market performance and customer referral allows for Your joined trust.
    We believe in being a flexible, customer-driven partner.
    We believe in delivering value through innovation.
    We believe in speed-to-market.
    We believe everythinG starts, and ends, with quality.
    We believe in becoming an extension of our customers' teams.
    We believe that no matter the size of the project, it deserves the very best.
    We believe in an open and honest relationship.
    We do not believe in shortcuts.
    If you prioritize our company core value as above, then we're the team for you.