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What are the precautions for monitoring console installation?

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Author : Kesino
Update time : 2022-05-11 16:23:18

With the improvement of people's living standards and science and technology, more and more people will choose to install monitors in their shops or even at home. The installation of monitors can essentially keep our lives safe. Console installation is a process that should monitor closely to avoid potential problems. This article will introduce the precautions for installing the monitoring console for your reference when you need it.


Pre-installation: Make sure your environment is ready for the monitoring console installation and that you have all of the required information.

The monitoring console installation process is not complicated, but your environment must be ready for it. Before starting, make sure you have all the information you need and configured your system correctly.

1. The working environment of the control equipment The security system equipment must be installed in a clean, air-conditioned room. It is necessary to be installed on a 19" rack. The installation of all control, display, recording, and other terminal equipment of the surveillance camera should be stable and easy to operate. Among them, Monitors (screens) should avoid direct external light and, when unavoidable, take measures to prevent glare. Equipment installed in consoles and cabinets (racks) should have ventilation and heat dissipation measures. The connection between internal connectors and equipment should be firm.

2. The installation position of the monitor needs to prevent the screen from being directly irradiated by external light. If there is unavoidable direct light, should add a hood to achieve the effect of blocking.

The Installation: Follow the instructions carefully to ensure a smooth installation.

1. The installation positions of consoles and cabinets (racks) should meet the design requirements. The installation should be stable and firm to facilitate later maintenance. The clearance between the back and side of the cabinet (rack) from the wall should meet the maintenance requirements.

2. When multiple cabinets are arranged in parallel, the front panel should be parallel to the reference line on the same plane. At the same time, the gap between the front and rear should be less than 3MM; the gap between the two cabinets should be less than 3MM. For devices that are not spaced apart and arranged in a row, the gap between the front and rear of the panel should be less than 5MM.

3. The installation of equipment and hardware inside the cabinet should be carried out after the positioning. And reinforcement of the cabinet is completed. The equipment installed inside the cabinet should be correct and firm.

4. The screws, washers, and spring washers used for fixing the rack should be fixed tightly according to the requirements and must not be omitted.

5. Ensure that the monitoring indoor power supply's live, neutral, and ground wires are connected to the specifications.

6. All cables in the control room should be provided with cable troughs and cable entry holes according to the installation location of the equipment. Arranged, bundled neatly, numbered, and have permanent signs.

7. When using a ground trough or wall trough. All cables should be introduced from the bottom of the cabinet and console and straightened the wires according to the direction of the wires. And put them into the trough according to the order of the wires. The bends should meet the requirements of the radius of curvature of the wires. When the wires leave the console and the cabinet, they should be bundled at a distance of 10MM from the bending point. They should be tied empty every 100MM~200MM according to the number of cables.

8. Equipment that requires an operation panel should be installed in a location that is easy to operate.

Post-Installation: Check the monitoring console's functionality and ensure all components are working correctly.

The installation of a monitoring system is essential in ensuring its functionality. After the procedure is installed, it's necessary to check that all components are working correctly. The monitoring console should be functional and allow users to view data from all system parts. If any parts are not functioning, the installation may not be successful.

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