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Detailed explanation of high-quality anti-static control room console

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Update time : 2021-11-17 10:31:05
A high-quality anti-static control room console must have at least the following three aspects:

1. The surface resistance of the overall paint surface spraying of the workbench must meet the anti-static requirements.
2. The grounding resistance of the workbench as a whole must meet the anti-static requirements.
3. The surface resistance of the work table must meet the anti-static requirements.
The important thing is the latter point: actual testing. Perform an anti-static effect test on the entire workbench. Must comply with relevant national anti-static standards. After completing the above inspection steps, you can judge whether the Select anti-static workbench can be called a high-quality anti-static workbench based on the final result.

The relevant national anti-static qualification test standards include "Technical Requirements for Anti-static Work Areas" and other documents, but the requirements for this aspect of the workbench are not very important. Refer to the "Test Methods for Conductive and Static Dissipative Elastic Floor Resistance" After related books, and we have determined a technical measurement method that is more in line with the anti-static ability of the anti-static workbench. The specific test process is as follows:

A voltage of 100V should be used for detection in the actual measurement. It is advisable to keep the weekly temperature between 21°C and 25°C, and the workbench needs to be placed in a place where the ambient humidity is between 45% and 55% for 24 hours, and then start Tests in this specific environment. The result measured in this way is the anti-static ability value of the anti-static workbench.

Each console of Kesino considers an anti-static function at the initial design stage. Each console is equipped with a grounding copper bar design, which can effectively protect the human body and prevent the human body from contacting objects with static solid electricity. People's accidents happened. At the same time, it can also protect electrostatic sensitive devices, such as chips. The static electricity of the human body is enough to break down the sensitive devices and damage the equipment. After being equipped with an independent equipment grounding system, Kesino also introduced lightning protection industrial-grade PDU power strips, which can effectively prevent problems before they happen. The anti-static design is equivalent to installing "airbags" for the equipment in the command center to ensure the safety of electricity use in the computer room! It is an indispensable partner of every command center!