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Ergonomics Control Consoles

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Author : Mayuer Wu
Update time : 2020-04-23 11:50:24
The development of modern science and technology has gradually made people's aspirations a reality, especially in recent years, our quality of life has also been greatly improved and enhanced. The materials, functions and appearance of the product itself have long been unable to meet our daily needs, and we hope that the design of the product itself will be more gentle, considerate and understanding. The so-called gentle and compassionate is able to meet the needs of human beings in all aspects, the user can feel "happy", "comfortable" & "agreeable" when using the product. How can we meet the needs of our users? The answer is --- Ergonomics, the design of the product into the ergonomics, to further enhance and ensure the safety and comfort of the user while greatly improving its efficiency.
Ergonomics is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary discipline that focuses on the relationship between people, machines and the environment. Coordination in different operations, research methods and evaluation methods involving psychology, physiology, medicine, and In the fields of anthropometry, aesthetics, design and engineering, the aim of the study is to provide a comprehensive and comprehensive overview of the human body through the use of a variety of techniques, including the discipline's knowledge to guide the design and adaptation of work equipment, work methods and work environments so that the operation is improved in terms of efficiency, safety, health, comfort, etc.
Beijing Kesino has a professional ergonomic design team, which fully integrates ergonomics into the design of the console, ensuring the health and safety of the console operator, while greatly increasing its efficiency, especially for the 24*7*365 high intensity continuous operation of the control center and command center more far-reaching impact.
The new KTA, KTB, TKX, KTX series consoles are designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring that the operator is able to work efficiently and continuously in the best comfort, with the best posture, the best distance, the best sight distance, the best viewing angle, the best legroom, etc. Whether it's the visual, auditory, olfactory, or tactile aspects of human-centered design and production, Kesino consoles are the perfect choice for you.